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The 2014 Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders® in Australia and New Zealand were announced on 3 December, 2014. These organisations were selected and ranked by a panel of independent judges using a number of criteria, including assessing strategies and success in the attraction, identification, retention and development of leadership talent.

2014 results

DHL Express (Australia) Pty Ltd


Z Energy

A new normal now exists. Leadership practices that used to differentiate have become commonplace within Australia and New Zealand. However, a new benchmark has been set by 2014 Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders. These organisations all exhibit highly effective practices that, combined with clear outcomes and measurement, ensure strong leaders are continuously coming up through the ranks.

Our 2014 Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders study identified six areas where top companies within Australia and New Zealand are setting a new standard.

Top companies are moving from:

  1. Processes to outcomes: It is no longer about processes, policies or simply completing an activity or program. Top companies consistently measure the effectiveness of such practices and hold their leaders accountable for the outcomes.
  2. Engagement measurement to developing engaging leaders: Almost all organisations now measure engagement, Top companies however have an increased focus on the selection, attraction and development of leaders who through their personality, sense of purpose, experience and behaviours create engagement in their organisations.
  3. Diversity to inclusion: Although difficult to measure, Top companies focus much more on the gathering of diverse perspectives and insights from both within their organisation and externally.
  4. Accumulating followers to developing leaders: Top companies believe that the primary role of leaders is to identify and nurture upcoming leaders.
  5. Assessing skill to aligning for fit: Top companies assess, more deeply, the skills required for the future success of the organisation including personality, the organisation’s culture, and strategy.
  6. Higher performance to higher purpose: It’s not just about performance, Top companies create a sense of higher purpose and look at how they contribute to the environment and how their short-term strategy affects long-term growth.

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