Case studies

High net worth clients


We met with a new client, a high income earning executive who had just switched jobs. She had heard about our Executive Benefits Financial Advice program. She knew her company provided a range of benefits which she could take advantage of, but she didn’t have the time to properly investigate what she could (and should) do.


With our understanding of the executive’s priorities and her employer’s benefits menu, Aon Hewitt Financial Advice was able to determine which benefits would provide the client with maximum financial and lifestyle impact. We provided her with our estimate of the dollar value aligned to each available benefit so she could more readily decide which benefits to take up.


Immediately our client could see she was making the most of her overall remuneration package. During our discussions, a number of other opportunities to improve her situation became evident:

  • we arranged for her money from three super funds to be consolidated into one, thereby saving on fees and maximising her insurance coverage
  • she was under-insured for income protection; we secured great cover and extended protection to age 65
  • her investment portfolio had been somewhat neglected so we worked with her to re-establish her investment objectives and rebalance the portfolio to better meet her needs
  • she had no estate plan in place, so we ensured she had a properly constructed will, power of attorney and other documentation.

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