About the program

The Aon Best Employers program is the most credible study of its kind in Australia and New Zealand, find out how participation can help your organisation get ahead.

About the program

Aon Best Employers program

We know that organisations with high levels of engagement achieve better results. In fact, our research shows that Aon Best Employers have high levels of employee engagement, effective leadership, strong employer brand and high performance culture.

Established in 2000, the Aon Best Employers program offers a unique opportunity for your organisation to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to your people. The program has been designed to benefit all participating organisations regardless of where your engagement levels currently sit by:

  • allowing you to benchmark against the Best
  • identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your people practices
  • providing action oriented consultation to help you improve engagement.

The Aon Best Employers program is both accessible and beneficial to all organisations. As the region’s most credible employer research program, Aon Best Employers provides the platform you need to prioritise your most important asset – your people.


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There is no point trying to get a diverse workforce if you don’t have an environment that supports it. The inclusion is the outcome that we are seeking to achieve.
Denice Pitt, Chief Executive Officer, Online Education Services – 2017 Best of the Best (Aon Best Employers)
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