How to participate

There are two options for participation, catering to the size, budget and time available within your organisation.

How to participate

About the Aon Best Employers Certification

Our goal is to make employee engagement a priority for all organisations, regardless of their size, industry or budgetary constraints. Our 2 engagement survey solutions have been developed to support this and any of these solutions can be used as platform for participation in the Aon Best Employers program.

For organisations that choose to participate in the Best Employers program, each of our solutions includes an engagement survey, a comprehensive report including benchmarking data from the Best Employers and a results debrief with one of Aon’s expert consultants. Find out more about our engagement survey solutions.

How to Get Certified?

Conduct an Employee Engagement Survey

The methodology used to determine an organisation's qualification as an Aon Best Employer is an integral part of Aon's employee engagement methodology. You will work with Aon culture and engagement survey experts to conduct an employee engagement survey that works best for you:

  1. Rapid Engagement – cost-effective, ready to use online survey.
  2. Customised Engagement – custom survey allowing additional flexibility for survey design and timing.

One of the above must be successfully completed in order for your organisation to be eligible for accreditation as a Best Employer.

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