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As the market to attract and retain Australia's best talent becomes more competitive, companies are examining the benefits they offer to their employees. It may be difficult to identify a 'one size fits all' solution, however a common goal for most employees is to achieve financial security for them and their loved ones.

Aon Hewitt Financial Advice partners with employers to provide financial advice services to your staff. We help to realise the full potential of your employees’ money – maximising their wealth to enable them to have the life they want. We also help protect everything that is important to them; family, assets and lifestyle.

Helping you attract and retain your key talent

Aon Hewitt has developed a unique program to assist corporate clients to attract and retain key talent while achieving people-management objectives cost-effectively. We have identified that many top performers and expatriates have a lower perceived value of their total remuneration and benefits. If this gap isn’t filled, you run the risk of losing your best and brightest. The benefits of expert financial advice may include:

  • increased staff financial security leading to a more happy and productive workplace
  • improved employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • better financial education and awareness, reducing the reliance on internal HR
  • recognition as an employer of choice through best practice people programs

Advice that achieves your desired results

Much like how a personal trainer can help keep you fit and healthy, a financial adviser can ensure your finances are in top shape. Advisers act as a financial coach who motivate, sets goals to keep you accountable and reward success; allowing staff to make better financial decisions and attain financial security now and in the future.

Our financial education events and workplace seminars are a valuable extra benefit we provide. It's a great way to show you care while helping your staff get up to speed on how to manage their finances, whether they’re planning for retirement, maximising investments or protecting what’s most important.

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