Cultural competence assessment

Cultural competence assessment

Aon Hewitt’s research has shown that culture aligned to business strategy is more engaging for employees – and engaging workplaces’ drive better business results.

  66%25 of organisations report that their current culture is misaligned with what they need to successfully execute on their business strategy

Culture manifests itself in the beliefs, behaviours and decisions of an organisation

Culture is defined as an organisation’s ‘operating environment’ or more simply as ‘how work gets done’.

Aon Hewitt propriety culture model

Culture is not ‘one size fits all’

We believe that there is no one right culture that can be applied across all organisations. Rather, organisational culture should align with the business strategy to support the delivery of financial, operational and customer objectives.

Achieving culture alignment

Aon Hewitt is experienced in helping clients to align culture to strategy. Our culture assessment and transformation approach can help you to:

  • articulate the culture that is required to deliver on your strategy
  • understand the gap between current and required culture
  • identify the culture levers to drive transformation
  • co-create a transformation roadmap
  • implement the roadmap through culture levers of leadership, enabling infrastructure and people program interventions. 

Integrating insight and approach

Our culture alignment solution is easily integrated with your engagement survey, leadership assessment, development initiatives, broader people programs, your risk culture and conduct risk programs. This enables deeper insight into the work environment and the changes that are required to make it a more engaging place to be.

Benefits include:

  • integrated culture and engagement insight to drive change
  • cost and time efficiencies due to the combination of culture and engagement solutions
  • ability to utilise leadership data to drive individual and collective culture change.

Aon Hewitt can help you to align your culture to strategy through our proprietary culture alignment solution and consulting services. Contact us to learn more.

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