Rapid employee engagement solution

Rapid employee engagement solution

One in six employees is disengaged. The cost of turnover, loss of top talent, and inability to attract the right people are critical issues for all organisations, but small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can feel it acutely—especially when market conditions for finding talent are already challenging. It is critical for small to mid-sized organisations to measure, learn, and act on engagement to ensure growth and productivity within the company.

Our Rapid Engagement solution

As part of our suite of engagement services, Rapid Engagement is an ideal solution for SMEs who want a quick, cost-efficient way for measuring, understanding, and improving their employee engagement.

It provides a comprehensive level of insight into employee engagement levels using a standard survey, underpinned by Aon’s extensive global benchmark database of over 11 million employees.

Aon's Rapid Engagement solution can show you where to focus your resources to get the greatest improvement in employee engagement—and ultimately, business results. Our unmatched combination of technology, engagement expertise, and benchmarking data will help accelerate your people to the extraordinary.

Key Features

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