Mergers & acquisitions

Insight and advice to complete the transaction and successfully integrate.

Mergers & acquisitions

Are you effectively managing change in your organisation?

Use this checklist before you embark on any major change activity to determine whether your people strategies are ready to support your employees, while also optimising your organisation's investment in change.

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Aon Hewitt's mergers and acquisitions (M&A) solutions will ensure an efficient transaction process for mergers, acquisitions and other corporate change events. We'll give insight and advice to complete the transaction.

The complexities of M&A require the correct advice to identify and manage risks and opportunities throughout the duration of a deal. We partner with you to provide analysis and insight, adding value at each stage of the transaction allowing you to meet timeframes and financial targets.

Working with you throughout the lifecycle of a deal

Putting pen to paper on a merger or acquisition involves major investment and carries high expectations. Maintaining employee productivity and engagement while undergoing change and transformation are crucial to the overall deal success. Aon Hewitt assists organisations of all sizes by providing human resource pre-deal due diligence and post-deal integration services to facilitate an efficient transition and consolidation.

Our pre-deal risk due diligence services allow you to:

  • identify liabilities and risks, ensuring the deal price is adjusted accordingly or appropriate warranties are in place
  • successfully facilitate the transaction to completion.

Our post-deal integration advice can assist your organisation:

  • deliver market alignment
  • review against best practice provision and legislative compliance
  • identify coverage gaps
  • achieve economies of scale and cost savings
  • preserve the 'deal value'
  • retain and engage talent – read insights in our report Managing engagement through times of change

Working with you throughout the lifecycle of a deal
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