Leadership training

Leadership training and development programs

Great leaders are integral to the success of any organisation. Leadership talent is one of the most critical business needs in the modern workplace and should be at the top of every employer’s agenda.

We can help you build an organisation with strong leadership and high retention through competency-based leadership assessment and development programs including:

  • web-based leadership simulations
  • leadership development strategy consulting
  • manager effectiveness
  • action learning
  • high potential program development
  • leadership team effectiveness

Our Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders® study provides global benchmark data that your organisation can measure its practices against.


We use fact-based insight

Small and large organisations need strong leaders at all levels to guide to success. We believe that leadership talent should be identified early through the right assessments and then nurtured throughout tenure. Our assessments, fact-based insight and development programs help achieve this.

Our approach to talent management provides a unique level of fact-based insight that can help your organisation’s leaders thrive now, develop, and  prepare for the future. We work with you to provide solutions tailored to your requirements.


Aon Hewitt helped an organisation improve manager effectiveness and drive employee buy-in.
Aon Hewitt provides full design and delivery approach to increase manager capability
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