Superannuation for employees

Superannuation for employees

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Aon Master Trust, award-winning super fund

We're a great place for your employees' super

Aon Master Trust takes the hassle out of employee superannuation, letting you focus on your core business. Our service and insights will help employees see the value in their super, creating financially fit employees that help create a more productive and financially secure workforce.

We turn a compulsory staff benefit such as super and transform it into a lever to attract and retain your best talent.

Our service is tailored to your needs

We offer you a range of personalised superannuation features that benefit your business and employees including:

  • a dedicated account manager
  • flexible fund design, allowing you to customise your investment and insurance needs
  • easy and convenient online account access
  • personalised member education sessions and ongoing learning
  • regular and informative fund communications for you and your employees
  • assistance with policy committee meetings and other consulting services
  • efficient administration and data management
  • access to expert financial advice.

Choice and flexibility for members

As members of Aon Master Trust, your employees can:

  • access our innovative Aon MySuper strategy
  • access to a direct investment option
  • choose from over 30 investment options
  • select the type and amount of insurance cover to suit their personal circumstances
  • make contributions from before or after tax salary, regularly, or as a lump sum
  • have flexible arrangements with spouse contributions and rollovers from complying funds
  • access complimentary consolidation service to bring all their super together in Aon Master Trust
  • access WeCare, a complimentary telephone advice and counselling service offering legal and tax advice, home and care services and counselling. This benefit is exclusively for Aon Master Trust members and their families.

Aon Master Trust helps IT company’s staff recognise the value and importance of their super.
Returns, service and education programs mean over 95% of the staff have moved their super across to the Aon Master Trust
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