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Aon Best Employers integrate the customer and employee experiences

5 Dec 2017 by  Haya Alomari

This hot topic is part of the 2017 Aon Best Employer series.

As customers increasingly gravitate towards social media to share recommendations and complaints, an organisation’s brand and reputation depends on the voice of the customer like never before. But in the same way, the influence of platforms such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn means that an organisation’s employees (or ex-employees) can be both their best and worst recruitment officers. The story a customer or employee will tell depends on the experience they have with the organisation.

Increasingly, evidence suggests that to be good at either the customer experience or employee experience, you need to be good at both

Aon Best Employers excel at listening to their customers and their employees

Our research across Australia and New Zealand shows that Aon Best Employers are 21% more likely to seek input from their customers. According to their employees, Aon Best Employers are 25% more responsive than other organisations to the changing needs of their customers – an increase for Best Employers of 15% from 2016.

Aon Best Employers are significantly more likely to listen to their employees’ suggestions: 78% of their frontline employees feel encouraged to think of ways to improve the customer experience, versus 58% of front line staff at other organisations.

Aon Best Employers treat their employees like customers

Essentially, employees at Aon Best Employers feel valued – because they are treated like a customer themselves. Their opinions and suggestions are listened to and as a result, they feel more positively inclined towards the organisation and are more willing to put in discretionary effort.

However, Aon Best Employers also understand that the employee needs convincing of the organisation’s merits just like a customer needs to be sold the organisation’s products. As a result, HR are increasingly partnering with Marketing and IT to brand the organisation to its people. Whether they are facing internal restructuring, a name change or redesigning their benefits options, Aon Best Employers differentiate themselves by both asking for their employees’ feedback and selling them the change.

Tips from Aon Best Employers

Organisations looking to harness their employees’ brand power require a fundamental mindset shift: make your employees feel valued by treating them like a customer. Here are some of the practical ways that our 2017 Aon Best Employers demonstrate this:

  1. Your EVP doesn’t stop at recruitment. Aon Best Employers continue marketing their employee value proposition (EVP) to their employees long after they’ve been hired. This can include literal brand marketing (distributing branded coffee mugs and stationery or banners around the office), improved communication of employee benefits or sharing case studies and customer testimonials through internal channels. Importantly, internal brand marketing is the result of a two-way dialogue between HR and employees – Aon Best Employers regularly seek employee input to ensure their EVP remains relevant.
  2. Your talent has ideas too. Aon Best Employers don’t just rely on customers for feedback, they make the most of an otherwise untapped resource – recognising that their front-line employees see and hear things from customers that senior leaders don’t. They create avenues for staff to share their observations – which have the dual benefit of providing leadership with new ideas and increasing employees’ perceptions of being valued and respected by their organisation.

About the Aon Best Employers program

Established in 2000, the Aon Best Employers program offers a unique opportunity for your organisation to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to your people. The program has been designed to benefit all participating organisations regardless of where your engagement levels currently sit by:

  • allowing you to benchmark against the Best
  • identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your people practices
  • providing action oriented consultation to help you improve engagement.

The Aon Best Employers program is both accessible and beneficial to all organisations. As the region’s most credible employer research program, Aon Best Employers provides the platform you need to prioritise your most important asset – your people.

2017 Aon Best Employers Hot Topics series

Our 2017 Aon Best Employers series explores how Aon Best Employers connect their people to vision, integrate the customer and employee experience and renegotiate the employee deal. Each Hot Topic provides practical tips for how organisations can incorporate practices exemplified by Aon Best Employers.

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