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The digital transformation blueprint

03 Apr 2018  by   Dr. John Chan

Our society has always been undergoing a state of change. However, with recent technological advances, the speed of change has drastically increased. It is clear that our society is rapidly undergoing a digital transformation and organisations must evolve and transform their organisations so they not only survive, but thrive in the digital environment. There are multiple paths to digitally transforming your organisation, but perhaps most importantly, is to have a digital transformation blueprint. This blueprint should outline the framework of how the organisation employ, manage, and reward their employees. This framework should provide a solid picture of the type of skills and capabilities required to drive your business forward.

Building great teams: Lessons from China

22 Jul 2016  by   Dr. John Chan

What are the specific challenges facing organisations operating in China and what can they teach us about the factors businesses need to consider when seeking the right talent to help drive corporate business strategies?

So, you have high-potential employees, now what?

23 Jun 2016  by   Dr. John Chan

In Asia Pacific, 97% of organisations in Aon Hewitt’s Top Companies for Leaders® research reported investing significant resources in refining their ability to identify, develop and retain their high-potential employees. Yet for most of these organisations, the effort stops there without tangible outcomes. How can your business get the most value out of your high -potential employees?

Are you doing succession management or replacement planning?

18 Jan 2016  by   Dr. John Chan

Do you worry about managing succession effectively? Read this post to discover how to devise a robust succession management process for business advantage.