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Building HR's way of life around data

11 Mar 2015  by   Gerhard Diedericks

There is an unprecedented level of excitement about big data and data analytics in the global market. Everyone’s talking about it, everyone has a view on it, and most organisations we know are working to take advantage of it. Despite the vast advancement in tools, technologies, behavioural sciences, and statistics, HR is the last function to truly utilise data for robust decision making.

It’s all about timing!

06 Mar 2015  by   Frank Lauchlan

The only constant in life is change; we know this, just as we know that investment markets go up and down on a daily basis. So, what’s the best approach to take to investing in the market?

Talking to your teens about super

26 Feb 2015  by   Brian Rafton

Your child’s first proper job is a major milestone. It’s important that you help to equip them from a young age to make the most of their employment opportunities and set themselves up for a bright future. Very few young people understand the importance of super and the difference that it can make in later life. Here are a few tips on how to have a conversation about super and ensure that your teenager understands its benefits, and chooses the right fund.

The new standard for leadership is set

23 Jan 2015  by   Stephen Hickey

This New Years, did you make a resolution to be a better leader at work? Or did you make a commitment to increase the effectiveness of the leaders in your organisation to support the achievement of your business strategy? It’s hard for leaders to be the best they can be without their organisation providing the right support and structure. So, what are top companies doing to best attract, identify, develop and retain their leaders?

How are you rewarding your high performers?

12 Jan 2015  by   Jean Hanna

A mainstay of talent strategies in most organisations is to differentiate pay based on individual performance. Aon Hewitt research shows it works and it is widely advocated and embraced in Australian workplaces – but do we truly understand high performance? What creates it and how prevalent, impactful and sustainable is it?

Get on board for greater focus on governance

09 Jan 2015  by   Jennifer Dean

Better governance and the effectiveness of Boards continue to be major discussion points in industry circles. Conversations usually revolve around the composition of the Board itself – the diversity, capability and tenure of members, as well as conflicts of interest or related party transactions.