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The view from the top: Insights from the 2016 Aon Best Employers

10 Jun 2016  by   Nick Tucker

The marketplace is volatile and uncertain, and the employment game is changing. Competition for talent is fierce and workforce demographic shifts are highlighting the need for organisations to become increasingly agile to meet the demands of their customers and employees. In the shadow of constant change and a volatile market, we investigated a simple question – how are Aon Best Employers positioning themselves for the future success of both their business and their people?

The 2016 Federal Budget – what does it mean for superannuation?

02 Jun 2016  by   Aileen Oliver

In the recent 2016 Federal Budget, the Government announced a number of proposed changes to superannuation, all of which will have an impact on individuals approaching retirement, or in fact, the entire working population. All the proposed changes aim to meet the Government’s new objectives around the definition, purpose and intent of superannuation. What will the changes mean for you?

The 2016 Federal Budget – what does it mean for you?

30 May 2016  by   Aileen Oliver

The Federal Budget was announced on 3 May 2016. When it came to measures that received public attention – the majority of these were around superannuation. But with a Budget that did not contain a great deal of headline-making measures – what did we take away and what impact will it have on you?

Is your healthcare Board as effective as it could be?

24 May 2016  by   Jennifer Dean

If there was ever a need for a highly effective Board, it is in the healthcare sector. As well as being responsible for the strategic direction of their organisation, a healthcare Board is also accountable for taking actions that will directly address the needs of their community. In order to manage both these tasks effectively, we have outlined the best in class practices that healthcare Boards should be adopting.

Remuneration is not just about the money

17 May 2016  by   Jean Hanna

Are your organisation’s remuneration strategies really engaging and motivating your employees – and are they delivering return on investment? Remuneration is made up of many factors, and the perceived value of employee benefits may not line up with their actual financial cost. This hot topic outlines simple strategies to help maximise your organisation’s reward and remuneration ROI, while improving employee engagement.

Improving mental health awareness and support in the workplace

16 May 2016  by   Jennifer Cameron

One in five adults is affected by mental health illness each year. So now more than ever, employers need to consider the culture of their workplace and the level and types of support available to employees.

Understanding the ABA’s announcement – how will your organisation respond?

12 May 2016  by   Slesha Devi

Given the inherent link between behaviours and reward outcomes that exist in sales incentive schemes, organisations need to ensure that standardised processes for governing plan designs exist and that any breaches or exceptions are well documented and visible to accountable parties. This hot topic outlines some practical steps for those impacted to consider.

Market outlook following RBA rate cut

What is the market outlook following the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) recent cut to the cash rate?

Creating more transparent and realistic executive reward mix profiles

21 Apr 2016  by   Jean Hanna

Highly incentive-based executive remuneration scenarios don’t always give a true picture of what can and will be achieved.

Millennial engagement – how can organisations get it right?

18 Apr 2016  by   Gerhard Diedericks

Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce, and their expectations of employers are different to those of older generations. Yet, many organisations have traditionally had a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to employee engagement. How should we address millennial engagement and what roles do managers play?