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Do-it-yourself Wills. What could go wrong?

02 Dec 2015  by   Wendy Barnham

Australians are becoming increasingly aware of the need to have a Will. Many choose to go down the ‘do-it-yourself’ path, thinking: ‘What could go wrong?’ The answer is: ‘A lot.’

Is your merit matrix working?

13 Nov 2015  by   Bethany Jones

The most common approach for determining Fixed Reward increases is the merit matrix, which uses ratios to determine pay outcomes. There are many benefits to using a merit matrix which have aided its rise to popularity, but is this framework still valid in an environment characterised by low salary budgets?

How to benchmark your Talent practices for competitive advantage?

09 Nov 2015  by   Mollie Kohn

Do you wonder how your talent practices compare with others? Read this post to transform your benchmarking and gain competitive advantage.

Why HR needs to understand the Internet of Things

28 Oct 2015  by   Michelle Watson

The internet has grown exponentially from its inception to now encompass over 3 billion connected individuals and the way organisations deliver goods and services to customers has been irreversibly disrupted.

Protecting your small business for the long term

16 Oct 2015  by   Robert Jason

Business planning will often focus on the short term – finding growth opportunities and making decisions to deliver immediate outcomes. Taking a longer term view involves thinking about emerging trends, assessing potential risks and considering how the company will continue to function if key stakeholders are no longer present.

Finding the right balance in executive remuneration

12 Oct 2015  by   Khai Phan

Executive pay is a difficult balancing act for companies to get right. It's important for organisations to provide an attractive offering that engages with executives and is in line with both the size of an enterprise and the industry it operates in.

"The Great Fall of China"?

Impacts on compensation and talent management in China and Asia Pacific after the recent Chinese stock market correction and Renminbi devaluation.

Are you getting the most out of your self-insurance program?

15 Sep 2015  by   Gary McMullen

Want to ensure your organisation is managing their self-insurance program effectively? Here are some important tips to get self-insurance right and enjoy the benefits.

Enhancing gender pay equity without a ‘silver bullet’

04 Sep 2015  by   Bethany Jones

While there’s no ‘silver bullet’ to eliminate unexplained gender pay differences, the diligent application of a range of sound remuneration practices (to both genders) can collectively go a long way towards yielding fairer, more effective pay outcomes. Find out more about four discrete pay decision or policy points which your organisation can focus on to enhance gender pay equity.

Dollars and sense – the benefits of providing your staff with financial education

31 Aug 2015  by   Brian Rafton

Many employees only ever receive role-specific training and support in the workplace. They are taught how to be better at their job, but this rarely branches out to cover other lifestyle factors that might be affecting their performance at work.