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Diversity and Inclusion: time to face the challenge

18 Aug 2015  by   Megan O'Brien

Realise the competitive advantages that diversity and inclusion can bring to your organisation. In this white paper you will find insights from case-studies, compelling research data and recommendations on strategies to help you embed diversity and inclusion in the DNA of your organisation.

How to mitigate salary continuance premium hikes

17 Aug 2015  by   Kimberley Blyth

For employers of choice, salary continuance is a much valued benefit that is seen by many as part of the package that’s required to attract the best and brightest minds. But with a massive hike in premiums accompanying renewals over the past 12 months, some organisations are being forced to seriously consider the value of this discretionary spend. However, a proactive approach to getting people back to wellness, and a serious examination of current policies, can help to reduce the impact of premium increases.

Change of tack for employee benefit plan discount rates could save you money

20 Jul 2015  by   Saffron Sweeney

In May 2015, Australia's auditor community accepted a change of tack in deriving discount rates when accounting for long-term employees' benefits. With the changes designed to improve the balance sheet position and P&L expense for Australian corporates, the discount rate has a number of characteristics worthy of note and has the potential to save companies some serious money.

Trendsetting: What’s happening in rewards for the salesforce?

15 Jul 2015  by   Jairus Ashworth

Of all the major reward elements in use in company’s today, sales commission schemes are often the most dynamic, being tightly linked and responsive to organisational strategic change. Here are 5 key trends we have observed working with sales leaders to improve salesforce effectiveness.

The Best do change better

02 Jul 2015  by   Gerhard Diedericks

The overwhelming insight from the 2015 Best Employers study is once again, that organisations with high engagement are better at navigating change and delivering results in spite of tumultuous times. In fact, an additional 22% of employees at Best Employers believe that changes within their organisations are well managed and help to deliver a better performing company.

Risky business

21 May 2015  by   Jennifer Cameron

Everyone loves innovation; creative ideas, new ways of doing things. With innovation there’s always an element of risk; as much as the safety industry seeks to avoid and mitigate risk, we too must innovate or face stagnation.

Do you have a plan to de-risk your Defined Benefit super plan?

19 May 2015  by   Ashley Palmer

Responsibility for funding and investment risk rests on the sponsoring firm when it comes to Defined Benefit (DB) retirement plans. CEOs and CFOs are realising that to remain competitive the significant risks and costs DB plans carry need to be scrutinised and addressed. With continuing economic uncertainty, this is now an urgent task.

Get more bang for your buck

13 Apr 2015  by   Emma Le Grice

Getting remuneration wrong can lead to dissatisfaction, but can you buy employee engagement with pay? The short answer is no, but you can get more out of your spend on pay…

The importance of regular investment reviews

20 Mar 2015  by   Janice Sengupta

Sound investment governance is the foundation for meeting investment objectives in a sustainable manner. An annual high-level review of the investment framework is part of good governance and can help pension plan investors and trustees to resolve issues and mitigate risk within their fund structure.

Trust in action: Act on feedback to increase engagement

17 Mar 2015  by   Gerhard Diedericks

Trust is at the heart of employee engagement. Recent Aon Hewitt research shows that employees who trust their organisation to act on feedback have a higher level of engagement. So when organisations conduct an engagement survey, it’s critical that they act on the results, and when leaders promise change, they must follow through. We call this Trust in Action.