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Aon Best Employers renegotiate the employee deal

12 Dec 2017  by   Haya Alomari

Aon Best Employers are changing the way they approach the employee experience. Learn how they are keeping ahead of the game by creating more holistic work experiences and shifting the focus towards individualised benefits and career development opportunities.

Coming soon – changes to Victorian Long Service Leave entitlements

16 Nov 2017  by   Bryan Candy

With the Victorian Parliament currently reviewing changes to Long Service Leave (LSL) entitlements for Victorian employees, is your organisation prepared for how these changes may impact your LSL costs and policy? We’ve summarised the proposed changes and potential impacts of the amendments. Even if your company doesn’t have Victorian employees, this Hot Topic is a must-read for any Finance or HR professional.

Remuneration is not just about the money

17 May 2016  by   Jean Hanna

Are your organisation’s remuneration strategies really engaging and motivating your employees – and are they delivering return on investment? Remuneration is made up of many factors, and the perceived value of employee benefits may not line up with their actual financial cost. This hot topic outlines simple strategies to help maximise your organisation’s reward and remuneration ROI, while improving employee engagement.

Reverbing benefits and financial wellbeing in the workplace

22 Feb 2016  by   Ashley Palmer

Across the board most people are not in good financial shape. Employees are looking to their employers for help because many are being asked to do more with less, and living expenses such as healthcare costs are increasing well ahead of inflation.

Is your organisation’s default super fund keeping pace with change?

07 Dec 2015  by   Shannon O’Shea

The superannuation industry has seen some major changes over the last decade. New legislation has reshaped the way super funds are building a value proposition, with many now turning to innovative new technology offerings and engagement strategies to attract and retain members.

Dollars and sense – the benefits of providing your staff with financial education

31 Aug 2015  by   Brian Rafton

Many employees only ever receive role-specific training and support in the workplace. They are taught how to be better at their job, but this rarely branches out to cover other lifestyle factors that might be affecting their performance at work.

How to mitigate salary continuance premium hikes

17 Aug 2015  by   Kimberley Blyth

For employers of choice, salary continuance is a much valued benefit that is seen by many as part of the package that’s required to attract the best and brightest minds. But with a massive hike in premiums accompanying renewals over the past 12 months, some organisations are being forced to seriously consider the value of this discretionary spend. However, a proactive approach to getting people back to wellness, and a serious examination of current policies, can help to reduce the impact of premium increases.

Change of tack for employee benefit plan discount rates could save you money

20 Jul 2015  by   Saffron Sweeney

In May 2015, Australia's auditor community accepted a change of tack in deriving discount rates when accounting for long-term employees' benefits. With the changes designed to improve the balance sheet position and P&L expense for Australian corporates, the discount rate has a number of characteristics worthy of note and has the potential to save companies some serious money.

Do you have a plan to de-risk your Defined Benefit super plan?

19 May 2015  by   Ashley Palmer

Responsibility for funding and investment risk rests on the sponsoring firm when it comes to Defined Benefit (DB) retirement plans. CEOs and CFOs are realising that to remain competitive the significant risks and costs DB plans carry need to be scrutinised and addressed. With continuing economic uncertainty, this is now an urgent task.

Attract and retain the best through your employee value proposition

07 Oct 2014  by   Stephen Hickey

So that you can attract, retain and engage the best talent, creating a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is critical. However, how do you differentiate your EVP to stand out from your competition?