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Dollars and sense – the benefits of providing your staff with financial education

31 Aug 2015  by   Brian Rafton

Many employees only ever receive role-specific training and support in the workplace. They are taught how to be better at their job, but this rarely branches out to cover other lifestyle factors that might be affecting their performance at work.

Help your employees grow their wealth in 2014

11 Mar 2014  by   Paul Gordon

A new year inevitably brings about new beginnings, new goals and sometimes, new concerns. Now is the time to start educating your employees on how they can grow their wealth and fast-track towards their financial goals.

Reconnect your employees with super

21 Nov 2012  by   Luke Guns

Superannuation is often perceived to be confusing and difficult to understand, causing a sense of disengagement and apathy. Coupled with the fact that super cannot be accessed until a certain age (anywhere between 55-60, depending on when you were born), many people simply ignore it, often until it's too late.