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Mental health in the workplace – marking World Mental Health Day

10 Oct 2016  by   Fiona Norris

At Aon Hewitt, we are passionate about mental health. Whether it impacts individuals, communities or workplaces, it is a focus for both our organisation and our charitable contributions. We are proud to partner with Black Dog Institute on community-based programs, as well as workplace education to support this important issue.

Improving mental health awareness and support in the workplace

16 May 2016  by   Jennifer Cameron

One in five adults is affected by mental health illness each year. So now more than ever, employers need to consider the culture of their workplace and the level and types of support available to employees.

Getting an ROI on employee wellness

08 Sep 2014  by   Jennifer Cameron

While wellness programs can assist in improving employee mental health, it has often been difficult to quantify whether these also positively impact an organisation's bottom line and if an ROI is achieved, until now.

How to support your employees during change

01 May 2014  by   Ed Delacruz

While change causes considerable impact to an organisation, it’s the people (leadership, staff who remain as well those who leave) who are affected most. Regardless of what change occurs, the associated loss of certainty, control and familiarity may be met with hesitancy by employees, so it’s important to provide care for your workforce and support them through and beyond periods of change.

Presenteeism – a word that should be on every organisation's agenda

19 Nov 2013  by   Jennifer Cameron

With corporate wellness high on the agenda for many organisations, new buzz words are becoming common place. But what do these words mean to your organisation and are they getting the attention they deserve?

Workplace winter wellness

10 May 2013  by   Jennifer Cameron

Seasonal illness is unavoidable, especially when large numbers of people work in close proximity.

Mental health in the workplace

01 Dec 2012  by   Jennifer Cameron

Australia's first National Report Card on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention has placed a spotlight on mental health at work, encouraging employers to consider the culture of their workplace and the level of support available to employees.