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Responding to the CIPR with proven alternatives

22 Feb 2018  by   Saffron Sweeney

Aon Hewitt recently made a submission to the Treasury in relation to a discussion paper for public consultation, regarding the development of the framework for Comprehensive Income Products for Retirement (CIPR). The CIPR framework seeks to address four implied problems that occur in retirement and in this Hot Topic we look deeper at those implied problems, summarise some key considerations and share our top recommendations.

Sort out your super

02 Aug 2017  by   Jennifer Dean

Planning for retirement is one of those tasks that often gets pushed to the bottom of our to-do lists. But with a few simple steps, you can sort out your super (and your future self will thank you for it).

It pays to be informed about debt

17 Jan 2017  by   Brian Rafton

When it comes to managing your personal debt, it pays to be informed. While financial jargon and seemingly complicated terms can make debt seem confusing and overwhelming, it’s important to arm yourself with information about what you are signing up to. In this hot topic we highlight some of the key facts that it helps to be informed about for the most common types of personal debt including mortgages, credit cards and car loans.

Centrelink changes to the pension assets test

10 Nov 2016  by   Evelyn Khor

Significant changes to the assets test thresholds and taper rate for the Age Pension will come into effect from 1 January 2017. With these changes potentially increasing your pension entitlements – or even removing them all together – are you aware of how the changes will affect you and are you prepared for the impact to your financial situation?

Is personal insurance part of your financial plan?

02 Nov 2016  by   Samantha Mitchell

While many Australians insure their physical assets, personal insurance covering aspects such as life, income, disability and trauma are often overlooked. Such protection can provide a level of comfort and security for you and your loved ones, should an unexpected event occur. However, with many Australians neglecting to consider personal insurance – or purchasing inadequate levels of cover – should personal insurance be part of your financial plan?

Navigating aged care

21 Sep 2016  by   Wendy Barnham

Australia’s ageing population is most certainly a topic we hear about regularly. As a result of this trend, we know that many families are likely going to be faced with decisions about aged care. Unfortunately, it’s a topic of life that can – and regularly does – cause all sorts of family tension. We take a look at the financial implications of decisions made about aged care, to lift the veil on this emotional topic.

Is self-managed superannuation right for you?

26 Jul 2016  by   Khai Phan

With self-managed superannuation growing in popularity, there are certainly advantages to this form of investment strategy. However, it may not be for everyone. We take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the self-managed option in this hot topic to help you determine whether it’s the right investment choice for you.

The importance of estate planning: Is your Will up to date?

11 Jul 2016  by   Wendy Barnham

Estate planning is an important process to consider, and may provide you with the peace of mind that your financial and sentimental assets will be distributed in accordance with your wishes. This hot topic reviews the importance of estate planning and the key steps involved.

The impact of environmental, social and governance factors on superannuation

30 Jun 2016  by   Janice Sengupta

The growing trend towards incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in superannuation has raised a number of questions. Is investment performance compromised? And are fiduciary responsibility and social responsibility mutually exclusive? In this hot topic, we explore some of the key issues surrounding ESG considerations and investment strategies.

The 2016 Federal Budget – what does it mean for superannuation?

02 Jun 2016  by   Aileen Oliver

In the recent 2016 Federal Budget, the Government announced a number of proposed changes to superannuation, all of which will have an impact on individuals approaching retirement, or in fact, the entire working population. All the proposed changes aim to meet the Government’s new objectives around the definition, purpose and intent of superannuation. What will the changes mean for you?