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The superannuation gender gap – how can we do better?

01 Mar 2018  by   Saffron Sweeney

With the ‘Global Gender Gap Report’ highlighting the continued existence of a gender pay gap in Australia, it isn’t just women’s current remuneration and lifestyles which may be impacted. Disparities in pay – along with other factors such as a higher propensity to work part-time or a pause in career to care for children or relatives – can significantly reduce the superannuation balances of women, ultimately affecting their quality of life in retirement. In this Hot Topic, we review the impact of the gender pay gap upon superannuation for women and propose strategies to address the imbalance.

Flexible work and superannuation

16 Jun 2016  by   Saffron Sweeney

Flexibility in the Australian workplace – including part-time work and broken service – is pleasingly on the increase. However, with this increasing flexibility, it is critical to look at the impact on superannuation balances and how this can impact the retirement plans of our working population. What is the true cost of flexible work and what plans can be implemented at all levels to ensure a comfortable retirement?

Women and super: Bridging the superannuation gender gap in Australia

08 Mar 2016  by   Saffron Sweeney

Did you know that women retire with almost half the amount of money in their super than men? There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem, but there are options which give women greater control and flexibility over their retirement future.

Enhancing gender pay equity without a ‘silver bullet’

04 Sep 2015  by   Bethany Jones

While there’s no ‘silver bullet’ to eliminate unexplained gender pay differences, the diligent application of a range of sound remuneration practices (to both genders) can collectively go a long way towards yielding fairer, more effective pay outcomes. Find out more about four discrete pay decision or policy points which your organisation can focus on to enhance gender pay equity.

Diversity and Inclusion: time to face the challenge

18 Aug 2015  by   Megan O'Brien

Realise the competitive advantages that diversity and inclusion can bring to your organisation. In this white paper you will find insights from case-studies, compelling research data and recommendations on strategies to help you embed diversity and inclusion in the DNA of your organisation.

Tackling the difficult remuneration issues

05 Mar 2013  by   Jairus Ashworth

Each year, organisations in Australia spend over AUD$630 billion on pay and benefits. It’s hardly surprising that there is increasing focus on how that spend is managed, and what outcomes are generated.

Beneath the headlines – gender pay equity

14 Feb 2013  by   Jairus Ashworth

The headline statistics on gender pay equity are often so aggregated that they may in fact harm the cause they seek to promote. It is easy to assume that what appears to be inequality can be attributed to other factors – senior female underrepresentation and role choice for example.