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Coming soon – changes to Victorian Long Service Leave entitlements

16 Nov 2017  by   Bryan Candy

With the Victorian Parliament currently reviewing changes to Long Service Leave (LSL) entitlements for Victorian employees, is your organisation prepared for how these changes may impact your LSL costs and policy? We’ve summarised the proposed changes and potential impacts of the amendments. Even if your company doesn’t have Victorian employees, this Hot Topic is a must-read for any Finance or HR professional.

Understanding the ABA’s announcement – how will your organisation respond?

12 May 2016  by   Slesha Devi

Given the inherent link between behaviours and reward outcomes that exist in sales incentive schemes, organisations need to ensure that standardised processes for governing plan designs exist and that any breaches or exceptions are well documented and visible to accountable parties. This hot topic outlines some practical steps for those impacted to consider.

Balancing incentive pay-outs

18 Feb 2016  by   Bethany Jones

How often does your organisation review its incentive programs and their pay-out schedule? They are a key driver of employee engagement and performance, and therefore should never be set and forgotten about. Get on the front foot and don’t leave it until your shareholders prompt you to review your incentive schemes.