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Employee Engagement Hot Topic Series

14 Feb 2017  by   Gerhard Diedericks

The Aon Hewitt Employee Engagement Hot Topic Series provides insights and best practices about the latest developments in employee engagement strategies, including how you can leverage the latest technology advancements, predictive analytics and continuous listening approaches to empower your leaders and positively influence engagement and performance.

Engaging for performance

14 Feb 2017  by   Gerhard Diedericks

For many organisations it would be unheard of to only monitor financial and customer performance once a year. But with employee engagement also a strong contributor to overall organisational success, why wouldn’t we put the same focus on one of our most valuable assets – our people? Advances in technology provide new opportunities for organisations to enhance the way they engage their teams and help realise their full potential.

Empowering leaders to act

01 Feb 2017  by   Gerhard Diedericks

With employee engagement often regarded as being the responsibility of HR, it’s common for leaders (and employees) to only focus on engagement once a year when the big annual engagement survey comes around. So how can leaders become empowered to learn, adapt and engage their people on a more regular basis?

Using predictive analytics to guide action

23 Nov 2016  by   Gerhard Diedericks

Our behaviours and opinions are shaped by our own emotions and experiences, and as a result it can be challenging to translate these cognitive biases into meaningful employee insights and actions. Predictive analytics can support management to interpret qualitative and quantitative data points (and it doesn’t require a degree in advanced analytics).

Building great teams: Lessons from China

22 Jul 2016  by   Dr. John Chan

What are the specific challenges facing organisations operating in China and what can they teach us about the factors businesses need to consider when seeking the right talent to help drive corporate business strategies?

Leadership development: the road to competitive advantage

09 Dec 2015  by   Stephen Hickey

What can you do to develop leaders from your existing employee base? How should you manage the processes and systems in order to improve the return on your investment? Read insights from the leadership practices of Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders®.

Finding the right balance in executive remuneration

12 Oct 2015  by   Khai Phan

Executive pay is a difficult balancing act for companies to get right. It's important for organisations to provide an attractive offering that engages with executives and is in line with both the size of an enterprise and the industry it operates in.

Diversity and Inclusion: time to face the challenge

18 Aug 2015  by   Megan O'Brien

Realise the competitive advantages that diversity and inclusion can bring to your organisation. In this white paper you will find insights from case-studies, compelling research data and recommendations on strategies to help you embed diversity and inclusion in the DNA of your organisation.

Create a culture to retain and engage your employees

14 Oct 2014  by   Stephen Hickey

Considering how much time and money goes into hiring and training new employees, the impact of people leaving comes at a large financial cost to any organisation. From our experience, the best way to mitigate the risk of your most talented people leaving is through an engaged workforce.

Achieve engagement goals by engaging leaders

19 Sep 2014  by   Stephen Hickey

Fundamental to creating a highly engaged organisation is the engagement of leaders’ themselves. It’s therefore critical to understand what motivates and drives leaders so they can better engage colleagues around them and drive business results.