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Who’s selecting who? Why it’s important to understand a candidate’s perception of the recruitment process

05 Jun 2017  by   Dr Jeff Brown

Impressions formed by a candidate throughout the recruitment and selection process can play a key role in whether a successful applicant accepts the position – and can ultimately influence their behaviour once they are employed. By exploring the selection process from the viewpoint of candidates, organisations can enhance their recruitment processes to positively influence the perceptions and future behaviour of successful applicants.

M&A deal-makers and deal-breakers: People issues determine organisational change success

17 Aug 2016  by   Ashley Palmer

In today’s world, where human capital is widely acknowledged as one of the few remaining sources of a sustainable competitive advantage, people issues matter more than ever. This is especially true when a business is undergoing change. While acquisitions and mergers are typically focused on financial gains, the people implications can be significant and should be at the focus of any organisational change initiative to be successful. This hot topic outlines simple, yet effective tips for ensuring a smooth and successful change process, which adequately identifies, retains and engages employees that are critical to success.

Understanding risk culture

28 Jun 2016  by   Gerhard Diedericks

With increased industry focus on risk culture and improving standards, it’s critical that organisations understand risk culture and have a clear picture of how their underlying organisational culture, impacts their ability to operate consistently around risk.

Improving mental health awareness and support in the workplace

16 May 2016  by   Jennifer Cameron

One in five adults is affected by mental health illness each year. So now more than ever, employers need to consider the culture of their workplace and the level and types of support available to employees.

Understand your people risks and help keep your people present and productive

11 Dec 2014  by   Gary McMullen

Organisations acknowledge that their people are their greatest asset and usually budget for the associated direct costs that impact on operating expenses. However there are indirect costs associated with people that often aren’t factored in, costs that result from people not being present at work and productive. If not managed effectively, these costs have the potential to impact both your employees’ wellbeing and your bottom line.

8 questions every self-insurer needs to ask

24 Jul 2014  by   Bruce Edwards

Self-insuring workers’ compensation provides many benefits however it may not be suitable for all organisations. For anyone considering this option, we’ve identified the 8 important questions you should be able to answer.

What employers should know about providing life insurance

14 Apr 2014  by   Kimberley Blyth

The Australian life insurance industry is currently facing a number of challenges which have become more apparent over recent months. These challenges are impacting employers who provide income protection (salary continuance), death, and/or total and permanent disablement benefits to their employees.

How do recent amendments to safety rehabilitation and compensation legislation affect your business?

04 Apr 2014  by   Gary McMullen

On 19 March 2014, The Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 was introduced to parliament. The Bill represents a significant change from the previous position outlined in late 2013. The Bill now provides an opportunity for national employers to consider self-insurance without the previous barriers under the previous framework.

Worldwide WHS – protect your overseas employees

18 Apr 2013  by   Gary McMullen

International work and travel exposes employers and employees to more complex risks than is experienced in the local environment.

What every manager should know about workers' compensation

26 Feb 2013  by   Gary McMullen

The health and safety of an organisation's workforce should be its undoubted priority. The workers' compensation system in Australia may appear an overcomplicated one, but by understanding the key features and framework, it can make a difference to an employee should the unfortunate occur.