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The not-for-profit sector; a picture of growth and investment

06 Dec 2017  by   Jean Hanna

As more commercial organisations move into the Care and Social Services Sectors, they may need to take a leaf out of the books of their not-for-profit peers, who are setting a strong example for employee reward and remuneration.

Enabling greater transparency in reward communications

30 Nov 2017  by   Emma Le Grice

Do your employees understand how their remuneration package has been determined? And do your employees perceive their pay (and how it was determined) to be fair and equitable in relation to their job role and their peers? The need for transparency around rewards and recognition is increasing. Fortunately there are tools available to help organisations evaluate, compare and communicate this information to their employees.

Better start for new starters? Joiners and movers

15 Mar 2017  by   Jean Hanna

New starters are now being paid much more than their internally promoted peers. So much so that it would take eight years of outperformance for that internal high performer to close the pay gap. How can your organisation tackle this trend and retain your high potential employees? We deep dive into the data and the solution.

Moving from art to science: Evolving remuneration benchmarking

10 Aug 2016  by   Sabrina Rabbani

With a large number of organisations using remuneration benchmarking to determine employee pay levels and structures, the importance of reliable data is paramount. But with limited survey data often making it difficult to develop adequate sample sizes, the process of developing an ideal sample size can become subjective - and therefore less consistent and reliable. Can a more scientific approach be applied?

How can your people be your best value drivers?

14 Jun 2016  by   Gerhard Diedericks

With people being a key contributor to an organisation’s value, are your HR strategies getting the most from your employees? This Hot Topic explores how focusing on value and implementing scientific and insight-led HR strategies can generate better outcomes for employees and shareholders.

Remuneration is not just about the money

17 May 2016  by   Jean Hanna

Are your organisation’s remuneration strategies really engaging and motivating your employees – and are they delivering return on investment? Remuneration is made up of many factors, and the perceived value of employee benefits may not line up with their actual financial cost. This hot topic outlines simple strategies to help maximise your organisation’s reward and remuneration ROI, while improving employee engagement.

Understanding the ABA’s announcement – how will your organisation respond?

12 May 2016  by   Slesha Devi

Given the inherent link between behaviours and reward outcomes that exist in sales incentive schemes, organisations need to ensure that standardised processes for governing plan designs exist and that any breaches or exceptions are well documented and visible to accountable parties. This hot topic outlines some practical steps for those impacted to consider.

Creating more transparent and realistic executive reward mix profiles

21 Apr 2016  by   Jean Hanna

Highly incentive-based executive remuneration scenarios don’t always give a true picture of what can and will be achieved.

Balancing incentive pay-outs

18 Feb 2016  by   Bethany Jones

How often does your organisation review its incentive programs and their pay-out schedule? They are a key driver of employee engagement and performance, and therefore should never be set and forgotten about. Get on the front foot and don’t leave it until your shareholders prompt you to review your incentive schemes.

Is your merit matrix working?

13 Nov 2015  by   Bethany Jones

The most common approach for determining Fixed Reward increases is the merit matrix, which uses ratios to determine pay outcomes. There are many benefits to using a merit matrix which have aided its rise to popularity, but is this framework still valid in an environment characterised by low salary budgets?