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The superannuation gender gap – how can we do better?

01 Mar 2018  by   Saffron Sweeney

With the ‘Global Gender Gap Report’ highlighting the continued existence of a gender pay gap in Australia, it isn’t just women’s current remuneration and lifestyles which may be impacted. Disparities in pay – along with other factors such as a higher propensity to work part-time or a pause in career to care for children or relatives – can significantly reduce the superannuation balances of women, ultimately affecting their quality of life in retirement. In this Hot Topic, we review the impact of the gender pay gap upon superannuation for women and propose strategies to address the imbalance.

Responding to the CIPR with proven alternatives

22 Feb 2018  by   Saffron Sweeney

Aon Hewitt recently made a submission to the Treasury in relation to a discussion paper for public consultation, regarding the development of the framework for Comprehensive Income Products for Retirement (CIPR). The CIPR framework seeks to address four implied problems that occur in retirement and in this Hot Topic we look deeper at those implied problems, summarise some key considerations and share our top recommendations.

Sort out your super

02 Aug 2017  by   Jennifer Dean

Planning for retirement is one of those tasks that often gets pushed to the bottom of our to-do lists. But with a few simple steps, you can sort out your super (and your future self will thank you for it).

Intra-fund advice: Superannuation gets personal

19 Jan 2017  by   Arohaina Owen

With a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding superannuation, it can be challenging for the average Australian to comprehend. So how do you ensure that your superannuation strategy will adequately support you in retirement? In this hot topic, we outline some key facts you should know about superannuation and show you tools to help make decisions easier.

Is self-managed superannuation right for you?

26 Jul 2016  by   Khai Phan

With self-managed superannuation growing in popularity, there are certainly advantages to this form of investment strategy. However, it may not be for everyone. We take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the self-managed option in this hot topic to help you determine whether it’s the right investment choice for you.

Flexible work and superannuation

16 Jun 2016  by   Saffron Sweeney

Flexibility in the Australian workplace – including part-time work and broken service – is pleasingly on the increase. However, with this increasing flexibility, it is critical to look at the impact on superannuation balances and how this can impact the retirement plans of our working population. What is the true cost of flexible work and what plans can be implemented at all levels to ensure a comfortable retirement?

The 2016 Federal Budget – what does it mean for superannuation?

02 Jun 2016  by   Aileen Oliver

In the recent 2016 Federal Budget, the Government announced a number of proposed changes to superannuation, all of which will have an impact on individuals approaching retirement, or in fact, the entire working population. All the proposed changes aim to meet the Government’s new objectives around the definition, purpose and intent of superannuation. What will the changes mean for you?

The 2016 Federal Budget – what does it mean for you?

30 May 2016  by   Aileen Oliver

The Federal Budget was announced on 3 May 2016. When it came to measures that received public attention – the majority of these were around superannuation. But with a Budget that did not contain a great deal of headline-making measures – what did we take away and what impact will it have on you?

Women and super: Bridging the superannuation gender gap in Australia

08 Mar 2016  by   Saffron Sweeney

Did you know that women retire with almost half the amount of money in their super than men? There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem, but there are options which give women greater control and flexibility over their retirement future.

Is your organisation’s default super fund keeping pace with change?

07 Dec 2015  by   Shannon O’Shea

The superannuation industry has seen some major changes over the last decade. New legislation has reshaped the way super funds are building a value proposition, with many now turning to innovative new technology offerings and engagement strategies to attract and retain members.