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Does gamification improve the quality of your recruitment process?

04 Aug 2016  by   Megan O'Brien

Gamification has begun infiltrating recruitment efforts, as employers seek to attract the best talent to their organisation. Recently, organisations have started using the gamification approach to share information about roles and their organisation, as well as helping prospective candidates to make job-related choices during the recruitment process. However, has the need to impress candidates with innovative, forward-thinking and fun recruitment tactics begun impacting the quality and rigour of assessment methods?

Building great teams: Lessons from China

22 Jul 2016  by   Dr. John Chan

What are the specific challenges facing organisations operating in China and what can they teach us about the factors businesses need to consider when seeking the right talent to help drive corporate business strategies?

Finding high value candidates in high volume recruitment

06 Jul 2016  by   Megan O'Brien

With high volume recruitment campaigns often generating very large numbers of applicants, how do you efficiently and effectively pinpoint the high-potential candidates? Specialised assessment solutions utilising dedicated software can both manage high volume application processes and deliver insights to assess, identify and retain high quality candidates.

Cultivating high-potential talent in five practical steps

13 Apr 2016  by   Nick Tucker

Organisations that successfully identify and retain their key talent are rewarded by consistently outperforming their key financial metrics. Does your organisation have the right strategy in place, and more importantly, how well are you executing on that strategy?

Are you doing succession management or replacement planning?

18 Jan 2016  by   Dr. John Chan

Do you worry about managing succession effectively? Read this post to discover how to devise a robust succession management process for business advantage.