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High performers and elite employees

A lynchpin of talent strategies in today’s leading companies and Aon Hewitt Best Employers is to differentiate based on individual performance.

We advocate it, our clients embrace it and the research shows it works. But do we truly understand high performance? How prevalent, impactful and sustainable is it in today’s environment?

This whitepaper was designed to be thought-provoking and poses some ideas that challenge existing practices around pay for performance. The whitepaper was written for the Aon Hewitt 2014 Reward Think Tank and generated some lively discussion from attendees.

The whitepaper looks into:

  • The changing nature of high performance
  • The relevance of the bell-curve
  • Other potential performance distributions and pay approaches.

This is not a point-of-view piece, but if you’re looking for some interesting research to challenge and refresh your thinking around pay for performance, download your free copy now.


Participating organisations

This whitepaper was written using insights from Aon Hewitt’s remuneration database, as well as external research and thought leadership.