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Wired for engagement

All experienced managers will know that there is clear disparity when it comes to employee engagement. Even when operating in the same circumstances, some employees remain highly engaged and productive, while others fall into the traps of disengagement.

And it’s not a topic we can ignore – with employee engagement being an increasingly important focus for executives. We know from our research that a 5 percent increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3 percent lift in revenue a year later. Globally, employee engagement peaked in 2015 according to Aon’s 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report and it has since dropped by 2 percentage points, meaning employees are less likely to embrace the three components of engagement:

  • that they’ll say good things about the organisation and its leadership
  • that they’re willing to stay
  • that they’ll strive to do their best.

Only 24 percent of global employees are highly engaged, with another 39 percent described as moderately engaged

So how do we make all employees engaged enough to drive organisational results? Traditionally, we focus on creating ideal working environments, but more recently, research from Aon shows that clever and consistent hiring may be just as effective. Aon’s research has found that an employee’s personality plays a large role in how engaged they’ll be at work, no matter the situation. Put simply, some are just wired for engagement.

In this white paper, we look at the role of personality traits in engagement (positivity, cooperativeness and drive being key), how hiring for engagement creates advantages for your organisation and how to combine your hiring practices with your engagement goals to drive elite performance.

Assessing and selecting candidates based on their ability to be engaged is an untapped part of the employee engagement equation. When employees are screened and selected for engagement, you’re developing a more robust engagement strategy that reduces the risk associated with hiring the wrong employee.

To find out how you can optimise your hiring processes and ensure employee engagement, by taking a holistic, global approach to building the ideal workforce for your organisation, please contact us to start a conversation.