Case studies

Estate planning


Aon Hewitt managed an investment portfolio for a client who was currently drawing a pension from her superannuation funds. She was the sole bread winner and her partner was the stay at home dad and home-maker.

Sadly, our client was diagnosed with terminal cancer. During this difficult time, it gave her comfort to ensure her estate plans were in order.


Her Aon Hewitt financial adviser completed a review of her personal circumstances, giving her a clear understanding of the ownership of all her assets. With this review complete, we arranged for our client to meet a lawyer specialising in estate planning issues to draw up the necessary documentation.

Her Will was put in place, passing on her estate according to her wishes. Additionally an enduring power of attorney was established to provide to her husband in the event she became incapacitated and no longer able to manage her own finances.

Importantly, we ensured that her pension account had a reversionary beneficiary facility, with the husband nominated so that income payments would continue to support the family.


Sadly, our client passed away. Her finances were in order but there were still formalities that needed to take place before the estate could be finalised.

We supported her husband, children and other family members by managing the financial matters that needed attention through this difficult time. It remained sad and stressful for those remaining, but they coped better knowing that all financial issues were being handled appropriately.

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