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Employee assessment and selection program

Every successful organisation knows that the key to their success is people. So, when it comes to assessing and selecting those people throughout a recruitment process – it’s more important than ever to have robust systems in place. With effective talent identification programs, organisations can rest assured they will be selecting and retaining the right people to help drive their success.

What we do

At Aon, we help our clients to design and implement online tests and questionnaires for recruitment, selection and development of people. As a market leader, we offer aptitude- and competency-based online assessments that are used by millions of people each year.
Our Assessment Solutions include the cut-e and CoCubes brands, which operate as part of our global offering in talent solutions. We help organisations to achieve sustainable growth by driving business performance and ROI through the most valuable resource they have – their people. In fact, Aon’s Assessment Solutions group undertake 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.

Our assessment help organisations to:

  • Quickly identify the best candidates during high volume recruitment campaigns
  • Identify candidates with highly specific skills and competencies
  • Identify high potentials for talent management decisions and leadership programs
  • Reduce the costs associated with poor selection decisions
  • Improve productivity and decrease turnover
  • Improve key on-the-job behaviours, including safety, dependability and judgement
  • Employ people who are more engaged with your culture

Providing industry-specific solutions

At Aon, our solutions range from simple off-the-shelf selection tools through to customised assessment processes for a wide range of industries. In all cases, they objectively measure the skills, abilities and personal characteristics that will predict job performance, behaviour and retention.
So, whether you are looking for a short predictive assessment to differentiate between high volume graduate candidates or you’re hoping for a realistic job experience through our virtual assessment centres, Aon has the right assessment solution to meet your unique requirements.


Using advanced techniques for the best result

When you work with Aon, you’re engaging a leading global professional services firm who understands business. We provide a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions through our 50,000 colleagues across 120 countries. In doing so, we empower results for our clients through proprietary data and analytics to deliver insights that will reduce volatility and improve performance.

When it comes to talent assessment and selection, when working with Aon, you will benefit from:
  • Deeper insights into your candidates with our virtual business simulations and toolkit of configurable assessment options
  • Shortened times that candidates need to take the assessments with our adaptive cognitive and personality assessments
  • Our flexible, fully mobile enabled online platform works on any device.
  • Customised reporting which can link more closely to your specific job or organisational capabilities
  • Tracking and analytics on the success of your selection process to help you validate your investment in assessment
  • Consulting and partnership to help you to obtain the best outcome

Based on over 30 years of global experience, our assessment solutions include proprietary tools, content and research, as well as validated evidence on you can achieve significantly improved business results.

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