Hot topics

The not-for-profit sector; a picture of growth and investment

06 Dec 2017  by   Jean Hanna

As more commercial organisations move into the Care and Social Services Sectors, they may need to take a leaf out of the books of their not-for-profit peers, who are setting a strong example for employee reward and remuneration.

Aon Best Employers integrate the customer and employee experiences

05 Dec 2017  by   Haya Alomari

Employees at Aon Best Employers feel valued because they are treated like a customer themselves. How can you integrate the customer experience with the employee experience to engage and motivate your employees?

Early intervention approaches to mental health in the workplace

01 Dec 2017  by   Paul Gordon

Mental health in the workplace is undeniably an extremely important, yet complex and often misunderstood issue. With both workplace and individual risk factors playing a role in the emergence of mental health disorders, how can organisations provide the right support to their employees? This Hot Topic looks at the positive new techniques and tools which are emerging to support employers and employees with early intervention, prevention and treatment for mental health issues.

Enabling greater transparency in reward communications

30 Nov 2017  by   Emma Le Grice

Do your employees understand how their remuneration package has been determined? And do your employees perceive their pay (and how it was determined) to be fair and equitable in relation to their job role and their peers? The need for transparency around rewards and recognition is increasing. Fortunately there are tools available to help organisations evaluate, compare and communicate this information to their employees.

Aon Best Employers connect their people to purpose and vision – even in times of change

28 Nov 2017  by   Haya Alomari

Although many organisations aim to connect employees to their purpose and values, Aon Best Employers take this a step further by sustaining these connections during times of change. We examine how Aon Best Employers make their mission and values a meaningful tool for equipping their employees to cope with change.

2017 Aon Best Employers Hot Topic series

28 Nov 2017  by   Haya Alomari

This series of Hot Topics explores how 2017 Aon Best Employers connect their people to purpose and vision, integrate the customer and employee experiences and renegotiate the employee deal. Each Hot Topic provides practical tips for how organisations can incorporate practices exemplified by Aon Best Employers.

Coming soon – changes to Victorian Long Service Leave entitlements

16 Nov 2017  by   Bryan Candy

With the Victorian Parliament currently reviewing changes to Long Service Leave (LSL) entitlements for Victorian employees, is your organisation prepared for how these changes may impact your LSL costs and policy? We’ve summarised the proposed changes and potential impacts of the amendments. Even if your company doesn’t have Victorian employees, this Hot Topic is a must-read for any Finance or HR professional.

Sort out your super

02 Aug 2017  by   Jennifer Dean

Planning for retirement is one of those tasks that often gets pushed to the bottom of our to-do lists. But with a few simple steps, you can sort out your super (and your future self will thank you for it).

Employee engagement tips from our 2016 ‘Best of the Best’ employer

20 Jul 2017  by   Gerhard Diedericks

With 100% of Aon Best Employers rating their strong culture and employee engagement as a core competitive advantage to help drive business outcomes, what can we learn from Cisco – Aon’s 'Best of the Best' employer in 2016? In this hot topic, Cisco share tips for how they have evolved their organisational culture and workplace to engage and motivate their employees, by building on their strengths and harnessing the power of their teams.

Who’s selecting who? Why it’s important to understand a candidate’s perception of the recruitment process

05 Jun 2017  by   Dr Jeff Brown

Impressions formed by a candidate throughout the recruitment and selection process can play a key role in whether a successful applicant accepts the position – and can ultimately influence their behaviour once they are employed. By exploring the selection process from the viewpoint of candidates, organisations can enhance their recruitment processes to positively influence the perceptions and future behaviour of successful applicants.