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Aon Best Employers renegotiate the employee deal

12 Dec 2017  by   Haya Alomari

Aon Best Employers are changing the way they approach the employee experience. Learn how they are keeping ahead of the game by creating more holistic work experiences and shifting the focus towards individualised benefits and career development opportunities.

Aon Best Employers integrate the customer and employee experiences

05 Dec 2017  by   Haya Alomari

Employees at Aon Best Employers feel valued because they are treated like a customer themselves. How can you integrate the customer experience with the employee experience to engage and motivate your employees?

Aon Best Employers connect their people to purpose and vision – even in times of change

28 Nov 2017  by   Haya Alomari

Although many organisations aim to connect employees to their purpose and values, Aon Best Employers take this a step further by sustaining these connections during times of change. We examine how Aon Best Employers make their mission and values a meaningful tool for equipping their employees to cope with change.

2017 Aon Best Employers Hot Topic series

28 Nov 2017  by   Haya Alomari

This series of Hot Topics explores how 2017 Aon Best Employers connect their people to purpose and vision, integrate the customer and employee experiences and renegotiate the employee deal. Each Hot Topic provides practical tips for how organisations can incorporate practices exemplified by Aon Best Employers.

Employee engagement tips from our 2016 ‘Best of the Best’ employer

20 Jul 2017  by   Gerhard Diedericks

With 100% of Aon Best Employers rating their strong culture and employee engagement as a core competitive advantage to help drive business outcomes, what can we learn from Cisco – Aon’s 'Best of the Best' employer in 2016? In this hot topic, Cisco share tips for how they have evolved their organisational culture and workplace to engage and motivate their employees, by building on their strengths and harnessing the power of their teams.

The view from the top: Insights from the 2016 Aon Best Employers

10 Jun 2016  by   Nick Tucker

The marketplace is volatile and uncertain, and the employment game is changing. Competition for talent is fierce and workforce demographic shifts are highlighting the need for organisations to become increasingly agile to meet the demands of their customers and employees. In the shadow of constant change and a volatile market, we investigated a simple question – how are Aon Best Employers positioning themselves for the future success of both their business and their people?

The Best do change better

02 Jul 2015  by   Gerhard Diedericks

The overwhelming insight from the 2015 Best Employers study is once again, that organisations with high engagement are better at navigating change and delivering results in spite of tumultuous times. In fact, an additional 22% of employees at Best Employers believe that changes within their organisations are well managed and help to deliver a better performing company.

Building HR's way of life around data

11 Mar 2015  by   Gerhard Diedericks

There is an unprecedented level of excitement about big data and data analytics in the global market. Everyone’s talking about it, everyone has a view on it, and most organisations we know are working to take advantage of it. Despite the vast advancement in tools, technologies, behavioural sciences, and statistics, HR is the last function to truly utilise data for robust decision making.

The proof is there – an engaged workforce is better equipped to cope with change

26 Jun 2014  by   Stephen Hickey

While all organisations face similar challenges in an uncertain market, those with high levels of employee engagement are better placed than others to overcome them and remain productive. Aon Hewitt’s 2014 Best Employers research has once again proven that high employee engagement drives better business results regardless of external factors.

2014 Aon Hewitt Best Employers announced

28 May 2014  by   Stephen Hickey

For some organisations, arduous regulation, a changing economic environment, demanding customers and low consumer sentiment aren’t proving to be a barrier to success. What distinguishes Best Employers from the rest is their ability to increase employee engagement and the discretionary effort of their people, in the face of major change which would normally put their business’ performance at risk.