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New HR challenges for an evolving salesforce

30 Nov 2016  by   Jairus Ashworth

Today's rapidly evolving global and technological marketplace is disrupting traditional business models and changing the role of the salesforce. This can create new opportunities but also lead to challenges around how you organise, optimise and motivate your salesforce. What are these challenges and how do you ensure that your organisation keeps pace?

M&A deal-makers and deal-breakers: People issues determine organisational change success

17 Aug 2016  by   Ashley Palmer

In today’s world, where human capital is widely acknowledged as one of the few remaining sources of a sustainable competitive advantage, people issues matter more than ever. This is especially true when a business is undergoing change. While acquisitions and mergers are typically focused on financial gains, the people implications can be significant and should be at the focus of any organisational change initiative to be successful. This hot topic outlines simple, yet effective tips for ensuring a smooth and successful change process, which adequately identifies, retains and engages employees that are critical to success.

Trust in action: Act on feedback to increase engagement

17 Mar 2015  by   Gerhard Diedericks

Trust is at the heart of employee engagement. Recent Aon Hewitt research shows that employees who trust their organisation to act on feedback have a higher level of engagement. So when organisations conduct an engagement survey, it’s critical that they act on the results, and when leaders promise change, they must follow through. We call this Trust in Action.

Effectively manage your people and business in times of change

22 Apr 2014  by   Ashley Palmer

It’s often said change is the only constant in life, and it’s no different in the business world. Whether growing, downsizing or aligning with a new business, you need to make the right decisions to achieve sustainable success. In times of large scale change, people strategies must take priority and move in line with business strategy.