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Is personal insurance part of your financial plan?

02 Nov 2016  by   Samantha Mitchell

While many Australians insure their physical assets, personal insurance covering aspects such as life, income, disability and trauma are often overlooked. Such protection can provide a level of comfort and security for you and your loved ones, should an unexpected event occur. However, with many Australians neglecting to consider personal insurance – or purchasing inadequate levels of cover – should personal insurance be part of your financial plan?

Are you getting the most out of your self-insurance program?

15 Sep 2015  by   Gary McMullen

Want to ensure your organisation is managing their self-insurance program effectively? Here are some important tips to get self-insurance right and enjoy the benefits.

How to mitigate salary continuance premium hikes

17 Aug 2015  by   Kimberley Blyth

For employers of choice, salary continuance is a much valued benefit that is seen by many as part of the package that’s required to attract the best and brightest minds. But with a massive hike in premiums accompanying renewals over the past 12 months, some organisations are being forced to seriously consider the value of this discretionary spend. However, a proactive approach to getting people back to wellness, and a serious examination of current policies, can help to reduce the impact of premium increases.

How the super freeze opens opportunities for employers

30 Sep 2014  by   Ashley Palmer

The Federal Government’s recent decision to freeze the superannuation guarantee (SG) at 9.5% until 2021 has been met with a mixed response. While it provides organisations greater certainty around super, its impact on individuals and their ability to save for their retirement is still somewhat misunderstood.

What employers should know about providing life insurance

14 Apr 2014  by   Kimberley Blyth

The Australian life insurance industry is currently facing a number of challenges which have become more apparent over recent months. These challenges are impacting employers who provide income protection (salary continuance), death, and/or total and permanent disablement benefits to their employees.