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Intra-fund advice: Superannuation gets personal

19 Jan 2017  by   Arohaina Owen

With a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding superannuation, it can be challenging for the average Australian to comprehend. So how do you ensure that your superannuation strategy will adequately support you in retirement? In this hot topic, we outline some key facts you should know about superannuation and show you tools to help make decisions easier.

Market outlook following RBA rate cut

What is the market outlook following the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) recent cut to the cash rate?

Is the glass really half empty?

06 Apr 2016  by   Guy Fisher

Should investors be prepared for lower investment returns than they've been used to? Our recent economic and investment forecasts seem indicate so. But should we be being more optimistic?

Market turbulence…yet again

There is cause for some concern, in that a global slowdown looks to be under way, but it is a rather more complex story than being just about China.

The importance of regular investment reviews

20 Mar 2015  by   Janice Sengupta

Sound investment governance is the foundation for meeting investment objectives in a sustainable manner. An annual high-level review of the investment framework is part of good governance and can help pension plan investors and trustees to resolve issues and mitigate risk within their fund structure.

It’s all about timing!

06 Mar 2015  by   Frank Lauchlan

The only constant in life is change; we know this, just as we know that investment markets go up and down on a daily basis. So, what’s the best approach to take to investing in the market?