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The impact of environmental, social and governance factors on superannuation

30 Jun 2016  by   Janice Sengupta

The growing trend towards incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in superannuation has raised a number of questions. Is investment performance compromised? And are fiduciary responsibility and social responsibility mutually exclusive? In this hot topic, we explore some of the key issues surrounding ESG considerations and investment strategies.

Aon Master Trust recognised for best YTD performance

09 Dec 2013  by   Luke Guns

The Aon Master Trust's Balanced Growth - Active investment option has been ranked first by two independent research firms based on its one-year return.

Reconnect your employees with super

21 Nov 2012  by   Luke Guns

Superannuation is often perceived to be confusing and difficult to understand, causing a sense of disengagement and apathy. Coupled with the fact that super cannot be accessed until a certain age (anywhere between 55-60, depending on when you were born), many people simply ignore it, often until it's too late.