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Graduate recruitment – it’s not a game

05 Mar 2018  by   Laura Lynch

Game-based assessments are starting to play a key role in graduate recruitment, with 75% of multinational HR and talent practitioners saying they would use game-based assessment as part of their screening and selection strategy. Before we follow this ‘shiny object’ trend, we need to ask ourselves, are we really appealing to the millennial workforce? Or are we simply not taking them seriously enough?

Who’s selecting who? Why it’s important to understand a candidate’s perception of the recruitment process

05 Jun 2017  by   Dr Jeff Brown

Impressions formed by a candidate throughout the recruitment and selection process can play a key role in whether a successful applicant accepts the position – and can ultimately influence their behaviour once they are employed. By exploring the selection process from the viewpoint of candidates, organisations can enhance their recruitment processes to positively influence the perceptions and future behaviour of successful applicants.

Employee Engagement Hot Topic Series

14 Feb 2017  by   Gerhard Diedericks

The Aon Hewitt Employee Engagement Hot Topic Series provides insights and best practices about the latest developments in employee engagement strategies, including how you can leverage the latest technology advancements, predictive analytics and continuous listening approaches to empower your leaders and positively influence engagement and performance.

Continuous listening

27 Oct 2016  by   Haya Alomari

In today’s fast-moving business environment, it’s likely that the annual engagement survey may not provide full visibility of employee sentiment throughout the year and throughout the employee lifecycle. By implementing a continuous listening approach, organisations are empowered to identify key insights and proactively intervene in a more timely and relevant manner.

A full view of the people experience across the talent lifecycle

19 Oct 2016  by   Gerhard Diedericks

With the big annual engagement survey typically providing a gauge of employee engagement at a set point in time, what if you could get a clearer view of employee sentiment throughout their tenure – instead of just once a year? By monitoring throughout the talent lifecycle, organisations can effectively benchmark engagement and proactively intervene when necessary, contributing to greater employee engagement and performance.

Does gamification improve the quality of your recruitment process?

04 Aug 2016  by   Megan O'Brien

Gamification has begun infiltrating recruitment efforts, as employers seek to attract the best talent to their organisation. Recently, organisations have started using the gamification approach to share information about roles and their organisation, as well as helping prospective candidates to make job-related choices during the recruitment process. However, has the need to impress candidates with innovative, forward-thinking and fun recruitment tactics begun impacting the quality and rigour of assessment methods?

Finding high value candidates in high volume recruitment

06 Jul 2016  by   Megan O'Brien

With high volume recruitment campaigns often generating very large numbers of applicants, how do you efficiently and effectively pinpoint the high-potential candidates? Specialised assessment solutions utilising dedicated software can both manage high volume application processes and deliver insights to assess, identify and retain high quality candidates.

So, you have high-potential employees, now what?

23 Jun 2016  by   Dr. John Chan

In Asia Pacific, 97% of organisations in Aon Hewitt’s Top Companies for Leaders® research reported investing significant resources in refining their ability to identify, develop and retain their high-potential employees. Yet for most of these organisations, the effort stops there without tangible outcomes. How can your business get the most value out of your high -potential employees?

How can your people be your best value drivers?

14 Jun 2016  by   Gerhard Diedericks

With people being a key contributor to an organisation’s value, are your HR strategies getting the most from your employees? This Hot Topic explores how focusing on value and implementing scientific and insight-led HR strategies can generate better outcomes for employees and shareholders.

The view from the top: Insights from the 2016 Aon Best Employers

10 Jun 2016  by   Nick Tucker

The marketplace is volatile and uncertain, and the employment game is changing. Competition for talent is fierce and workforce demographic shifts are highlighting the need for organisations to become increasingly agile to meet the demands of their customers and employees. In the shadow of constant change and a volatile market, we investigated a simple question – how are Aon Best Employers positioning themselves for the future success of both their business and their people?