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McDonald Coal Mining Industry Remuneration Report (Australasia)

The McDonald Coal Mining Industry Remuneration Report (Australasia) is Australia's largest and most comprehensive survey for the coal sector. The most recent report, published in December 2018, included 34 organisations with findings presented in the report based on the salary and benefits information of over 19,556 incumbents.

This report provides organisations with comprehensive and robust data and analyses of the remuneration of key personnel in the Australasian coal mining industry.

The McDonald Coal Mining Industry Remuneration Report is produced biannually in June and December.


Annual subscription: $7,150

Note: this is the cost for an annual subscription for a client that contributes data to the survey, which includes participation in both the May and December surveys.

Scope of the Survey

There are currently 328 positions, from Chairman of the Board, through corporate and site management to operators and support personnel. These roles represent both open-pit and underground operations; and energy coal and coking/metallurgical coal.

In addition to providing information on base salary, total fixed remuneration, short-term incentives and long-term incentives, this survey also addresses specific industry arrangements such as role and shift allowances, rosters, commute benefits and other working conditions that affect the remuneration package.

Key features of the survey

Key features of the survey include:

  • individual company analysis: in addition to providing accurate and comprehensive market data and analysis for the surveyed roles, participating companies also receive detailed comparison of their roles relative to the market
  • executive data and trends: the non-executive and key management personnel (KMP) data included in the report, provides the most comprehensive source of resources-specific executive data and trends in Australia
  • market movements: salary increases provided by this sector during the past 12 months for each position
  • commentary trends and economic factors: the survey includes commentary on key trends in reward, as well as key observations on economic, industrial, legislative or other areas impacting reward decisions in your business, with particular relevance to the resources industry
  • pay practices: a detailed analysis of practices in respect of incentives and benefits.


Participating organisations

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